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Cream Artrovex

Cream Artrovex
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The biological order of the cream for joint pain in Portugal.

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How to buy bio cream against pain in the joints and the back

For the purchase and special prices to complete the contact information on the site and wait for the call of a specialist.

Doctor's recommendations

The doctor Osteopath Tiago The doctor Tiago
12 years
I have long been familiar with the cream Artrovex. My patients in Portugal once asked me what I think about the tool and there is an advantage. I want to say that the cream has a really good team and it has beneficial effects on the health of the joints. I recommend to use the cream for the prevention of diseases of the joints, and also to all those who are beginning to feel the stiffness of movement, pain, himself observes the swelling in the joints. The most valuable component - an extract of shark liver, which helps to strengthen the cartilage and connective tissues.

The health of the joints, it is this that makes people long to feel young and in good health.

The diseases of the joints delivered to the person to severe discomfort, limit his freedom and does not allow to live the active life.

In the at-risk group for diseases of the joints, in the first place, the elderly, and professional athletes, as well as those who are regular experiences of the year.

In order to maintain the joint health of the device, it is necessary to ensure the reception of your body of the organic substances that are beneficial on the state of the joints.

Among all known drugs, biological cream for joint pain Artrovex - one of the most balanced and effective.

How does the Artrovex

The action Artrovex aims to strengthen and improve the mobility of joints

The effect of the drug Artrovex aims to improve the mobility of joints, the lifting of the inflammation, restorative action on the cartilage and connective tissues.

Peri-articular tissue saturated therapeutic substances in the composition of the cream.

The improvement of the condition of the joints occurs in the shortest possible time.

Bio cream for joint pain and back works the following way:

The components of the action is at the root of the problem, and not only eliminate the symptoms.

The composition of the tool is based on the components, so Artrovex has virtually no contraindications.

Buy the cream in Portugal on the official website.

Composition Artrovex

The substance VIS-95 made on the basis of curcumin shark liver and antler velvet, deer retrieves the cartilage tissue

The patented formula Artrovex consists of natural active principles, which have an impact on the regeneration and growth of tissue.

Fund is based on a combination of 3 bio-components:

  1. The concentration of the extracts of the hoods of the honey bee, propolis and castor jet. All in all, these components accelerate the regeneration of tissues, elimination of the inflammation and improves the metabolism in tissues.
  2. The substance VIS-95, which is made on the basis of curcumin, shark liver and antler velvet with the deer. The combination of these ingredients promotes the regeneration of cartilage and reduces the deformation. These components have a positive effect on the joint capsule of the whole.
  3. HonroMax a patented formula of 40 northern plants, which are used for centuries in folk medicine. The combination of these components helps to improve the elasticity of blood vessels, the elimination of the symptoms of pain, normalization of blood circulation, strengthen the immune system.
Studies have shown that Artrovex has no contraindications, it is generally acts on the body, providing external and internal exposure.

Order online at the cream – the best solution to get an original product, while Portugal does not sell an original product in the pharmacies, offering consumers analogues, which competes with the cream of the efficiency.

Benefits of the product

The regular use of the cream will provide the joint health of active life, and the good mood

Before the advent of the cream on the market a number of studies and laboratory tests.

The results have confirmed the high quality of the product, the safety of its use and the effectiveness of the application.

Artrovex has obtained the authorization to broadcast on the national territory and to export abroad.

The price of the preparation only 39 € - what is the price in another country, that is much less than the import analogues, but the cream is much more effective.

This is achieved through the direct sale from the producer to the consumer.

It should also be noted the low consumption of funds, packaging is in regular use to last for several months.

Use of the tool on a regular basis will provide the joints healthy, active lifestyle and good mood.

Where to buy Artrovex in Portugal?

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Artrovex in LisbonArtrovex in Funchal
Artrovex in Ponta DelgadaArtrovex in Porto Santo
Artrovex in Terceira IslandArtrovex in Hort
Artrovex in Pico IslandArtrovex in Flores Island
Artrovex in Corvo IslandArtrovex in Santa Maria
Artrovex in São Jorge IslandArtrovex in Graziosa Island
Artrovex in AveiroArtrovex in Braga
Artrovex in BragancaArtrovex in Viseu
Artrovex in Vila RealArtrovex in Kovil
Artrovex in CoimbraArtrovex in Leiria
Artrovex in PortimaoArtrovex in Ribeira Grande
Artrovex in SetubalArtrovex in Sines
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